The photo page

A small selection of recent photos appears below. Please also see the El Hogar and Project Micah sites for many more.

2008: L-R Kate's cello (!), Michael, Josephine, Lucy, Norma, Stephen, Mary, Marianne, Niall, Alicia, Sarah at Cornerstone Ministries Church, May 10th.
2007: Wendela-Claire van Swol, leading international flautist who joined us for concerts on August 24th and 25th.
2006: Apologies for wrong date on photo! Darwin Pavón with Jonathan and Gillian Seagrave at the beginning of his university work placement at John Redman's farm in Portishead. Through Project Micah, Darwin won a scholarship to study at the Central American Agriculture School in Zamorano, and, through the Friends of El Hogar, Jonathan and Gillian helped him to come to England for his work placement. He was with us from December 2006 until April 2007 and is now working in Honduras.
2007: Girls have arrived at El Hogar! The Home is at last taking girls as well as boys, social conditions having altered radically over the years in Honduras so that girls are now as commonly on the streets as boys. Formerly, girls were more often kept at home for domestic chores. Now they are as likely as boys to be abandoned.
2007: Professor Heyser teaching a maths class at El Hogar. Heyser also teaches music, particularly the marimba, a large wooden xylophone which several boys play at the same time. The boys go out to entertain with their music, for example in hotels and other tourist centers, and so they are generating funds to help themselves and the Home. They have made a CD called 'Sounds of Love and Hope' which we sell at our Honduras concerts.
2007: A group of students at the new El Hogar Technical Institute in Amarateca with Malcolm Yates. Built by local and volunteer labour, the whole complex was completed and dedicated in February 2008.
2007: A view over the new Technical Institute. It is a very beautiful place, particularly when compared with the cramped conditions in the old Institute in the centre of Tegucigalpa.
2007: Eduardo and Cafecita the cow at the El Hogar Farm School.
2007: Jonny, Head of Nursery studies at the Farm School, with some of his less noisy pupils!
2007: Michael Miller, Head of Project Micah, and David looking at pictures of Darwin Pavón and many cows at John Redman's farm in Portishead during Darwin's university work placement.
2007: Building at the new Project Micah centre for families who work the municipal rubbish dump. This is the second house to be built, all with volunteer labour. Parents and their children are now coming to fetch clean water, eat in the diner, hear the Word of God at church services, run around and play games on the clear, clean land in front of the two houses, take a shower and, at last, to go to school. Many of the families have worked the dump for years, even generations. Now the children are talking about different aspirations for their future ... a university graduate, doctor, a teacher ... The hold of the dump on their lives is reducing and, now that kind people are helping them at last, they are thinking of better lives.
2007: A typical scene at the city dump as a truck pulls in.